FARM-Africa is a specialist, non-governmental organisation that works with farmers and other rural communities in Africa. We were founded in 1985 to help poor farmers in Africa produce more food, keep their livestock healthy, make a basic living and get the most out of their surroundings without damaging the environment.

FARM-Africa has a small office in the UK, a regional office in Kenya, and a country office in Ethiopia. Over 90% of our staff are African, many of whom work directly with communities in eastern Africa.

Over 80% of people living in remote or rural areas of Africa rely on the food they grow and the animals they keep to survive. Often faced with difficulties such as lack of water, or essential tools, life can be a constant struggle.

FARM-Africa provides the training and support that poor rural communities need to find solutions to many of the problems they face. Families are directly supported to help work themselves out of poverty through improved ways to manage their crops, livestock, forests and access to water.

Below you'll find a selection of the gifts available through these websites - whether you're buying presents from Gifts4Good or are buying someone a wedding gift from The African Wedding List you’ll be supporting farmers in eastern Africa to work their way out of poverty and provide a better life for their families.


FARM-Africa Growing the right seeds

Growing the right seeds

This gift could teach farmers about the best type of seeds to grow on their land to produce the highest quality harvest - helping them to feed their families both now and in the future.

FARM-Africa Beehive for a family

Beehive for a family

This gift could help communities in Tanzania to take advantage of the forest resources by producing honey using easy to use beehives. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, honey is used to treat minor ailments, as well as being a tasty addition to the farmers’ diet. As a result there is high demand for honey in the community. Keeping bees is the perfect way for a family to improve their health and income.

FARM-Africa Practical agriculture at school

Practical agriculture at school

Over 70% of children in rural Tanzania will become farmers. This gift could teach them practical agriculture skills at school, such as caring for chickens or growing tree seedlings. These essential skills will help them to farm successfully throughout their lives.

FARM-Africa Train a goat breeder

Train a goat breeder

In arid northern Kenya farmers struggle to produce enough food on their small plots of land to feed their families. Goats are the ideal livestock as they need little land to graze on, and produce nutritious milk which can be sold for profit. This gift could help a farmer to set up dairy goat breeding scheme, giving the whole community access to high milk yielding goats. It takes just days to train a local farmer but the effects can last a lifetime.

FARM-Africa Train a women to advise others in her community about their legal rights

Train a women to advise others in her community about their legal rights

In Ethiopia, women are often unaware of their legal rights and have little access to the justice system. If their husband dies they will often be forced to marry a relative and give up their land. As women provide 80% of the household’s food on the land around their home this can be disastrous. This gift could help train an Ethiopian woman to advise others in her community about their rights.

FARM-Africa Train a Community Animal Health Worker

Train a Community Animal Health Worker

This gift could provide training and equipment for a farmer so that he can provide basic animal healthcare, including de-worming and hoof-trimming, keeping the community’s livestock healthy.

FARM-Africa Help Ethiopian entrepreneurs

Help Ethiopian entrepreneurs

Women in Ethiopia have limited opportunities to make money. They have little access to credit schemes needed to set up small businesses. This gift could help set up a savings and loans cooperative enabling women to manage their money and save small amounts per month. In time they are able to take out small loans to start their own enterprises, such as goat-fattening or livestock breeding.


For more information about our projects and how to get involved please visit our website.

Registered Charity No 326901

With your help poor African farmers can gain the skills and knowledge to lift their families out of poverty.