Buy UPVC French Doors in White?

Buying White uPVC French DoorsIf you are in the market for replacement patio doors & windows, you may not be aware that some of the newest models feature an amazing array of colours to choose from – even an almost perfect wood grain surface can now be applied during the manufacturing process.

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You can go through a rainbow of colours with some manufacturers having over 200 different shades on offer. However, be choosy when it comes to the type of coloured uPVC French Door you buy as all are not created equal and you should only fit them if the colour is part of the manufacture – buying doors with a ‘stick-on aftermarket film’ is not advised as it may peel off in a few years.

By using a method known as foiling, new uPVC French Windows & Doors have the colours bonded into the material of the vinyl and as a result have excellent resistance to fading over the years and do not peel or crack when subjected to the Great British weather.

Many suppliers offer a basic 10-year guarantee on frames, some even longer and when you compare it to how many times you would need to paint and maintain wooden window in that time, coloured uPVC represents a sound investment & good value for money.

Buying White uPVC French Doors
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