What Do Fully Fitted Sash Windows Cost?

What Do Fully Fitted Sash Windows Cost?

How much does it cost to buy Sash Windows?

Sash Windows CostHow much do Sash Windows Cost?, well in typical cases, prices are usually higher than you would pay for a casement window of the same size, and this is because (you will know this if you already have them) they are more complicate to build.

Made up of 2 vertical sliding panes a Sash Window is very traditional in its’ look. Having said that, modern materials and manufacturing techniques can now produce UPVC versions with wood grain effect finishes that look almost as good as a high quality timber sash window.

A medium sized example can cost from £300 to £500 and that may or may not include fitting.

If you have sash windows in your home and are thinking of changing them to slimmer casement type windows, you should bear in mind that a typical casement window will have a frame profile much thinner than the sash. This can mean a lot of extra work to “make good” the surrounding window reveals where the sash has been removed.

I know of one firm who had a pricing policy of an additional 10% which was added to the cost of the work for changing sash to casement windows.