Cost of UPVC Front Doors and Frames

Cost of UPVC Front Doors and Frames

Pricing UPVC Front Doors for your home

There are a few things to take into consideration if you want to figure out prices for uPVC Front Doors.

How about the style of the door? A plain door with no glazing can cost less than one that has glass panels, also if it is white uPVC it will cost less than a coloured uPVC  front door. Suppliers can add around 10% to the price for a coloured version.

If your entrance is bigger than average then you may need to consider side or top panels to take up the extra space. Each additional panel will add to the cost.

The type of frame may also impact on the pricing, some may be steel reinforced, others not. Be sure to consider the quality of the frame as it takes a lot of strain – an average front door can be opened & closed 3,000 times in a year (even 3 times a day can add up to over 1,000 time a year!)

Energy efficiency should also be taken into account. Many door manufacturers will have an energy label attached to show how well the doors insulate -A rated are at the “top end”

Having a cheap front door that can easily be damaged or opened by burglars or other nasty persons is wasting your money. Make sure you get one that is strong & secure, a good guide is to look for the “secured by design” accreditation – these doors meet high standards of security.

Prices can start from under £400 for a decent uPVC Front door design.

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